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Larry Sundell

he first aspect of architecture is shelter from the elements. One may then get more specific with the inhabitants and their functions.

Architectural design begins as problem solving. We start by evaluating factual information - site client program and budget before clarifying and design aspirations.

It is our desire to design buildings that provide a good fit with their context. Thus, site planing and a strong connection with the landscape are important to us.  The site is a principle factor in deciding what a building becomes. Our design approach incorporates an environmental respect that starts with the site and its analysis.

Prominent in our designs are open space filled with natural light. The natural use of materials and the ways they are put together are also important. We spend a great deal of time on attention to details, their history, soundness and their liveliness.

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Sundell Architecture's projects are designed without a preconceived architectural style. However, pure geometry underlies most plans and elevations.

4410 W. Rim Street      |      Boise, Idaho 83706-2360      |       (208) 342-2115      ‎|       Email