lanning is the area of study within architecture that takes the longest to experience the results.The thought and organization that creates an environment is short, while the implication of those thoughts is most often a lifetime. Planning is authoring the logical and sequential steps taken to achieve a predetermined objective.

The projects presented by Sundell Architecture differ in scale. However, the analysis of people flow, traffic flow, utility flow, energy use and visual appeal remains similar for each. The dream is "what does it feel like to be there". What do I see and experience, how is it used, when I am there does it enrich my life?



city thumbcity-vue thumbCuidad de Jose (Cumanagoto)

Mr. Sundell was invited by investors to go to Venezuela three separate times with the idea of developing large housing projects. After a period of time the investors were gifted a 7 mile x 7 mile parcel of property for the purpose of constructing a new city. This city Jose (Cumanagoto) was to house a new State governmental center and residences for the many oil related employees. The plan shown has traveled to many different countries and viewed by dignitaries. However, plans were discarded and investors fled with the uncertainty of the countries leadership.

Project development talks are current as of fall 2011



idaho city thumbIdaho City Community Park

Sundell Architecture was retained by the City of Idaho City to design a new community park. The park was to contain a rodeo arena, amphitheatre, outdoor performance stage, entry signage and all related support facilities to include parking areas. (2) small mountains were leveled to accommodate both the parking area and the rodeo arena. The rodeo area with support chutes, pens, announcers booth and fencing are currently completed and active.



hospital thumbHospital

The planning for the Capit'an Perez Sernandez medical campus consists of 8 separate buildings to include emergency hospital, medical office building, health care center, landscaped courtyard/wellness area, extended care center, cancer center, women's and children's center, and two parking garages. This project in Venezuela was not constructed

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